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The Life Channel Community

Life Channel schools share a world of adventure, creativity and opportunity for their pupils in this digital landscape which is their very own to design, build, share and explore.

Anomaly Screens

Anomaly aims to provide a proven digital alternative to interactive learning by providing a bespoke service that utilises digital technology equipment within school.

Design, Build, Share and Explore

  • Drag & Drop Content Manager

  • Design & Schedule your playlist

  • Instant Ticker Tape Messaging

  • Communicate to Pupils

  • Schedule Messages for Parents at the School Gates

  • Reach the Wider Community

What is the
Content Manager

Each school that joins The Life Channel network is provided with a piece of hardware called a Content Manager which can be connected to your existing digital technology such as interactive white boards, TV’s by reception and in corridors and any projectors). More and more schools nowadays are utilising outdoor digital display screens which can also be connected and are particularly beneficial for messages and activities during break times as well as for reaching parents and the wider community.


From here you can simply drag and drop your branded school templates (which we will design for you) into the regular playlist. These templates can be used to inform your parents of upcoming events, reminders for trip fee’s, feature your Stars of the Week, or perhaps even share the Head Teachers thought of the day. When you drag a message onto the template, you can also simply set a date for its removal or perhaps schedule it only to play on a Friday between 3.00 and 3.30. Once done you can simply forget about it as it will self-manage its appearance and removal from your screens.


We also have a huge library of SMSC content and curriculum based videos in our library, so again you can as a school design your own internal version of the channel, creating your own School TV Channel reflecting anything and everything that is happening and being taught at the school that week.
You can spend as little or as much time as you want to spare on the channel, but even at the minimal level, the end result is fantastic.

Examples of scheduled content and videos you can also download from our extensive library include:

  • Engaging pupils to understand fundamental British Values

  • Exercise videos and dance routines

  • Encouraging respect of other faiths and cultures

  • Encouraging positive mental health

  • Mindfulness

  • Communicating with parents

  • Attendance

  • Internet Safety

  • Healthy eating and exercise

  • Safeguarding

The Life Channel also offers your school
access to interactive platforms and equipment

Project Days

Life Channel schools will be invited to take part in Project Days whereby we will arrange to help the pupils film their own messages and short films for the channel. We can work on something the school may wish to create or film a message for one of our key programming partners. These mess...


Link Our School

This secure online platform allows Life Channel schools to share and exchange their projects with other schools. It is a safe and secure way to circulate work with your local cluster schools. It is also a fantastic way to link with a school in another part of the country that is culturally...


As with all of our products, ongoing training and support is provided as and when required to equip teachers with the skills they need to incorporate these active learning tools into lessons. Full descriptions of all services available to schools can be found below but to find out more, do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Whatever you make, this is the best place to make it.