East Barn

A tenants life at Clifton Fields Offices in Preston

My amazing experiences at East Barn, Clifton Fields

www.cliftonfields.co.uk paints a glowing picture of what day to day life is really like at this idyllic office location, amazing history, Uber eco-friendly and all in all a great place to rent an office,,,,,OR IS IT. Our recently semi retired Managing Director is penning his first ever blog, the subject of which is being called “being a tenant at Clifton Fields, warts and all”.

At the tender age of 67 years I have chosen to pen my first “blog” as I wish to share my amazing experiences at East Barn, Clifton Fields (AMAZING CAN BE BAD AS WELL AS GOOD).
Over the coming weeks I will expand on this my first ever post, and put a little meat onto the bones of being a tenant at East Barn, Clifton Fields, initially I will start with a couple of simple comments.

If you are looking for an office that provides you with:

· Hot running water more than 50% of the year.
· Central Heating that works now and then but, hopefully over the winter.
· A building that does not have multiple water ingresses when it rains. Which often trip the electrics taking out major systems such as fire alarm, door entry and occasionally the odd IT Rack and is dangerous to human life to boot
· A reasonable Building and Estate Management team that have a tiny bit of interest in tenants and carry out the occasional bit of maintenance, eventually.

If you are looking for any of the above then CLIFTON FIELDS AND IN PARTICULAR EAST BARN IS NOT FOR YOU (BTW, the list is a tad longer that the above, trust me)
In the short term and whilst I develop my literary skills, if anyone wishes to have a direct chat with me then feel free to drop me your contact details to phil.austin@anomalygroup.co.uk