"The purpose of The Life Channel is to deal with some of the issues that young people have and to help them”

-Tony Blair

"The Life Channel raises awareness of many safeguarding topics that may affect our children and young people”

“The Life Channel is a fantastic tool to help our children become less obese, fitter and much more active in their everyday lives.”

-Sam Allardyce

The Life Channel has partnered with StreetGames to promote healthy living and volunteering in schools across the UK. Their Director of Partnerships, John Feaver, said “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with schools throughout the UK. The Life Channel will allow us to engage directly with schools in a way in which we haven’t been able to before.”


The Life Channel is now available to schools through a new range of unique, free-standing external screens produced in partnership with Anomaly.
The extra large, sun readable, LCD screens are waterproof and stand 2-metres tall which make them suitable for all weathers to involve parents and the wider community in school activities.


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